• We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.
  • It is the best ERP tool and we are using this for last 2 years. It is fully automated and helped us a lot.
  • The support is excellent. Thanks for the valuable support. I have seen so many educational software but Shadow UI is superior and any educational environment can be managed through it.

iOS & Android Apps In
Your Brand for Parents, Teachers &

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the ERP and stay connected with everyone.

Shadow Mobile App help your institute to be digital. Notification, events, online fee's payment and many more exciting feature's

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Simple, Powerful
And Affordable School Management System

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task.

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution. No customization required.

All our plans are affordable and comes with no limits on the number of student, teacher and parent logins

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Simply Awesome

Shadow College And School Management Software

Everything your institution will ever need

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All in one College and School management software

Ultimate School ERP software for all kinds of Institutes.
Shadow School ERP has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

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Useful info

  • School Management Software
  • Gradebook & Reports
  • Parent Teacher Collaboration
  • Timetable, attendance & scheduling
  • Fee management & online payment
  • Online examination & assignment

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